The Synthesis Institute is a global leader of the modern psychedelic movement, advancing scientific research, training and education to create access to safe, legal psychedelic experiences for integrative healing and expansion.

A New Paradigm for Mental Health Care

Our world-class trainings prepare psychotherapists, members of the medical field, practitioners and coaches to facilitate psychedelic experiences inside a therapeutic model or support the preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences for patients.

If you’re interested in discovering more about the enormous power and potential for psychedelic-assisted treatments to advance well-being and revolutionize the treatment of behavioral, mental health and substance use disorders, we encourage you to join us for an upcoming educational event.

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Virtual Open House

Become an Oregon Psilocybin Service Facilitator

Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training - Oregon Edition
Enrollment is Now Open for April 2023

Watch the recording of our recent Virtual Open House to discover everything you need to know about Synthesis Institute’s 13-month Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training - Oregon Edition that prepares you to take the OPS Facilitator Regulations Exam. 

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The Fundamentals of Psychedelics - Second Edition

Second Edition Rightful Responsibility: The Role of Ethical, Embodied, Educated
Practitioners as Access Expands

Our Ethos

"Imagine a future where fully trained mental health professionals can access safe, legal, psychedelic tools that help their clients finally experience the breakthroughs they need with persistent challenges such as addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, and the debilitating effects these conditions have on their lives. The Synthesis Institute knows how to use consciousness-expanding drugs in a safe, therapeutic environment and it is our mission to disseminate this knowledge as far and as wide as we can, for the healing of our psyches, the wholeness of our communities, and the restoration of our planet."

MARTIJN SCHIRP Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

“Scientific investigation into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and training for practitioners is vital for combating the mental health crisis. I'm excited to continue working alongside Synthesis to provide high-quality services and meaningful scientific research for the psychedelic community.”

DR. ROBIN CARHART-HARRIS Head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research, Division of Brain Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London

“Although many people think of psychedelics as dangerous drugs, it’s time for a rethink. When used carefully in clinical research settings, psychedelics have been reported to have a profoundly beneficial effect on many people’s lives. They are non-toxic, non-addictive, have very few side effects, and could potentially offer relief for people suffering from a range of psychological difficulties. As a scientific researcher working on the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin, I stand by Synthesis’ ethos to make psychedelics accessible to more people, implementing best practices for the community.”

DR. ROSALIND WATTS Clinical Director at Synthesis, and Former Lead Clinical Psychologist at Imperial College London’s Centre for Psychedelic Research

“We are dedicated to building an integrated psychedelic-assisted model of care. In the past two years, we have turned away more than 1000 applicants due to mental health contraindications. Our new therapeutic programs mean that we can finally provide psychedelic-assisted treatment to those seeking a deeper level of care. It’s an honor to welcome Dr. Rosalind Watts to our team, whose work has architected the foundation for psilocybin treatment for depression, and whose expertise has the potential to transform thousands, if not millions, of lives.”

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