Oregon’s Measure 109 ACCESS IS EXPANDING

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Our Efforts Towards Operating Legally in the U.S. Continue

Synthesis Institute is working diligently to meet Oregon's requirements for becoming an approved psilocybin service center and aims to offer legal, professionally guided support from our Buckhorn Springs retreat center in Ashland, Oregon. 

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How did Measure 109 change psilocybin laws in Oregon?

Oregon's Measure 109 created a program for administering psilocybin products to individuals aged 21 years or older. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) developed the regulations under which clients can purchase, possess, and consume psilocybin at state-authorized service centers and under the supervision of a licensed facilitator.

Measure 109, approved by voters statewide in 2020, automatically opts in local governments in Oregon and includes a process through which cities and counties could opt out on the November 2022 General Election ballot.

The voters of Jackson County, where our Buckhorn Springs retreat center is located, stayed true to their 2020 vote to legalize psilocybin services, allowing local access to important and groundbreaking mental health support with psilocybin.

Why is Synthesis Institute uniquely poised to open a service center in Oregon?

The Synthesis Institute was founded on a commitment to offering legal and professional psychedelic-supported retreat programs.

We combine leading-edge cognitive research with ancient wisdom traditions, rituals, and spiritual practices to create participatory containers with the potential to catalyze transformative change.

Since the launch of our carefully constructed retreat programs in the Netherlands, where truffles containing psilocybin are legal, we've helped more than 1,000 people realize their well-being goals.

As an established organization with several years of experience facilitating legal retreats, we recognize that we are responsible for demonstrating the most professional and ethical standard of care as we expand access to our experiential programs through our Oregon location.

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Join our interest list to stay informed on the opening of our Oregon-based service center (expected in 2023):


We are thrilled with the prospect of opening our first U.S.-based service center located in Ashland, Oregon, and look forward to supporting access and healing through this meaningful modality once the state approves Synthesis as an authorized service center (expected in 2023). 

If you are interested in psilocybin services in Oregon, we encourage you to provide your contact details where indicated.

We will keep you updated on the progress toward opening our Buckhorn Springs retreat center and offering psilocybin services from this location.