Psychedelic Practitioner Training

A 18-Month Professional Certification Program

Scholarship Interest List

Synthesis recognizes that to honor the many ways of knowing that are central to our organization’s approach to psychedelics, it’s important to support the training and development of psychedelic practitioners with varied and diverse backgrounds and experiences. 


A tangible part of this commitment is evidenced through the Synthesis Scholarship program, as sharing and making widely accessible knowledge and wisdom held within the art and science of psychedelic facilitation is a core value of our organization.


We’re currently in the process of securing funding and building a fair and equitable process for reviewing and approving scholarship applications for the Psychedelic Practitioner Training


If you’re interested in participating in this training and could benefit from the support of our scholarship program, please complete the form below, and you’ll be added to our scholarship interest list.


We expect to have more information to share about the scholarship program and application process mid-year 2022 and will be communicating those details with the interest list as they become available.


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