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Psychedelic Practitioner

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Learn more about the 18-month Certification Program in Psychedelic Facilitation

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Psychedelic Practitioner


18-Month Certification Program

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As Psychedelics Move Into Mainstream Culture, the Need for Thoughtful, Well-Informed, Ethical Practitioners to Safely and Responsibly Steward This Shift Has Never Been Greater

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An 18-Month Journey Overview

The Synthesis Institute’s Psychedelic Practitioner Training was designed to provide you access to leading-edge research, resources, and approaches to guiding clients through safe, legal, and ethical psychedelic journeys with truffles containing psilocybin.


  • WELCOME AND ORIENTATION: Our program begins April 18th, 2022. The first two (2) weeks you will watch a variety of videos to orient you to the program. You will also meet in person with your pod group to get to know each other and establish the ground rules for the journey ahead.
  • MONTHLY MODULES: There are nine (9) themed coursework modules in the training, each lasting one month. The coursework modules span 12 months, with monthlong breaks in August 2022 and December 2022. 
  • WEEKLY RECORDINGS: Each week you will watch a 60- to 90-minute pre-recorded teaching session that corresponds to one of the four (4) lenses.
  • WEEKLY LIVE SESSIONS: Each week you will meet with your pod group for 2.5 hours for an integration session with your learning facilitator that may include discussion, professional supervision, skills practice, or other group exercises.
  • WEEKLY AND MONTHLY ASSIGNMENTS: You will be given a variety of assignments designed to support your active and engaged integration of knowledge and practices. We estimate assignments will take an average of six (6) to eight (8) hours per week.
  • MONTHLY LIVE, INTERACTIVE BONUS WORKSHOP (OPTIONAL): Enjoy talks and Q&A sessions from a rotating roster of thought leaders, wisdom elders, and visionaries. 
  • IMMERSION RETREAT: At the end of the nine (9) coursework modules, you will travel to the Netherlands to experience a five (5) day Immersion Retreat firsthand. Details (including exact dates) will be announced when they are available. 
  • ASSESSMENT: After the conclusion of the nine (9) coursework modules and the Immersion Retreat, you will participate in a month-long assessment period during which your peers and your learning facilitator will review your portfolio of assignments. 
  • 50-HOUR PRACTICUM: Following successful completion of the nine (9) coursework modules and the Immersion Retreat, we will support you in finding a placement where you can get hands-on experience in psychedelic work. You will have three (3) months to complete your practicum.
  • CLOSING & COMPLETION: Following the successful completion of your practicum, you will be eligible to receive your Psychedelic Practitioner Training completion certificate and attend a final celebration to recognize your achievement.

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