Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE

Watch the Recording of Our Open House Gathering to Find Out More About Our 13-Month Certification Program Watch the recording

In this interactive live session, Frederica Helmiere covers everything you need to know about the Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training.


In addition, you'll hear from Learning Facilitator Chara Caruthers, attending program team members, as well as a graduate of the program who looks forward to sharing her insights and experience from the training with you.


Classes begin on October 15th.


Early registration discounts are available. Visit the course info page by clicking here.

Time stamps: 


01:10 | Recapping the Recent Panel Event: ‘Stewards of a New Paradigm’

06:44 | Meet the Team and Our Special Guest - A Program Graduate

13:33 | Introduction of Our Unique Pedagogy

16:18 | Presentation of Our Four-Lens Approach: The Many Ways of Knowing

21:40 | Presentation of Our Learning Pods by Learning Facilitator Chara Caruthers

32:06 | Program Overview and Structure

33:18 | Presentation of Our Nine Coursework Modules

37:37 | Sneak Peek into Our Optional Training Retreats, The Immersion Experience, with Dr. Rachel Lovie

45:09 | Angie Wong Shares Her Experience from Participating in the Program

54:36 | Application, Enrollment, and Tuition Offers

58:34 | Q&A with Audience Questions

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