Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE

Watch the Recording of Our Recent Open House Gathering to Find Out More About Our 13-Month Certification Program Watch the recording

In this interactive live session, Frederica Helmiere, the Program Director, covers everything you need to know about the Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training.


In addition, you'll hear from Nikolaj Knub and Mina Samuels, both Synthesis Learning Facilitators, as well as two recent graduates from the April 2022 cohort who share their insights and experiences from their training journey with you.

Time stamps: 


2:58 | What to expect from today’s event

4:38 | Recap of recent events surrounding this training

8:32 | Brief guided visualization

12:03 | Introducing Frederica Helmiere, Program Director

13:32 | Meet two of our Learning Facilitators

17:10 | Meet two of our recent graduates

21:13 | A unique pedagogy: Synthesis' Four Lens Approach (or Many Ways of Knowing)

26:24 | How our graduates experienced journeying through the Four Lenses

31:39 | What are the pods?

34:53 | Why are the pods such a valuable feature of this program

38:59 | What graduates gained from the pod experience

43:12 | Overview of the nine (9) themed coursework modules

46:38 | What a therapist gained from participating in the training

49:05 | A Graduate’s Story of personal growth

54:05 | Early Registration Bonus Workshop Series ‘Path of Practitioner’

1:08:17 | A sneak peek into Practicum, available to Core Training graduates

1:12:23 | Application, scholarships, and early registration tuition offers

1:17:27 | Q&A - How does completing the course affect your own psychedelic experiences?

1:21:07 | Q&A - How the program prepares students to share the teachings and practice after graduating?

1:23:40 | Q&A - Can you share more about the program’s focus on psilocybin?

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