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“I honestly thought I was just ‘fulfilling hours,’ but in the end, it was one of the greatest experiences of this whole journey. I absolutely loved it, and was actually sad when my hours were completed, as I enjoyed every single second of it.”

                     — Previous Practicum Participant
Beckley Retreats Jamaica & Netherlands Psilocybin
More Details +

Beckley Retreats is an offshoot of the Beckley Foundation, helmed by Amanda Feilding (dubbed by Forbes as the “Queen of the Psychedelic Renaissance”). Beckley Retreats aims to continue Amanda’s legacy in drug reform and psychedelic policy & research by expanding access to safe, legal psychedelic retreats. With a unique 11-week program emphasizing safety and ethics, community-building, skill-building, and holistic wellbeing (body, mind, heart, spirit), Beckley Retreats offers a comprehensive non-medical preparation-immersion-integration experience for participants seeking personal development, spiritual growth, creativity boosts and improved relationships. Our programs serve cohorts of 12-18, and our diverse facilitation teams are skilled in both psychotherapeutic modalities and Indigenous wisdom traditions.


Locations: Jamaica (Good Hope Villas and Prospect Villas) and The Netherlands (Venwoude)

MedicineNatural Psilocybin Mushrooms (Jamaica) and Truffles (The Netherlands)

Legality: Listed substances are legal in Jamaica and The Netherlands

Hours Offered: 60

Additional Costs: Double (Shared Room): $1250 / Single: $2000

Prerequisites: Length of stay (participants must stay for the full 6 night experience including team preparation time and the 5 night retreat); by application only per completion of our facilitator application and invitation to participate after a screening interview with a Beckley Retreats executive team member and mini-interview with retreat team lead.

Who Beckley Is Looking For: "We are seeking individuals with: an uncompromising commitment to ethics, safety, and DEIB; foundational facilitation skills (presence/witnessing, participant-centric attitude, self-regulation, humility, empathy, space-holding, group attunement); and the ability to work effectively in a team."

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Upcoming Retreat Dates:

  • Aug 11-16 

  • Oct 29 - Nov 3

  • Nov 5-10 


  • Oct 7-12 (alumni program)

  • Oct 14-19

  • Nov 1-6

  • Nov 19-24 

  • Dec 2-7 

  • Dec 9-14

Practicum with Beckley Retreats includes:

  • Virtual:
    • Access to Beckley Retreats facilitator onboarding/support materials (safety protocols, code of ethics, community agreements, program facilitation guidelines, etc.)
    • Attendance and participation in one (1) 90-minute Team Preparation Session 
    • Access to Beckley Retreats Program App including participation in the cohort preparation and integration program (asynchronous)
    • Attendance at two (2) 90-minute Cohort Preparation Sessions
    • Observation of two (2) 1:1 participant preparation sessions led by Beckley Retreats facilitator
    • Attendance at four 90-minute Cohort Integration Sessions (virtual)
    • One (1) Mentoring or Q&A session with Beckley Retreats Leadership Team Member or Facilitator (per availability & depending on areas of interest: safety and ethics, retreat operations, ceremony facilitation, etc.) with an opportunity to provide programmatic feedback 
  • On-site:
    • Participation in on-site team preparation day
    • Participation in daily team tag-ups, daily yoga and meditation, nature excursions, meals and free time 
    • Observe/witness two (2) group breathwork sessions and two (2) group psilocybin ceremonies
    • Observation/Co-facilitation of integration circle pod breakouts
    • Participate in four (4) group circles/in-retreat integration sessions
    • Informal mentoring by diverse facilitation team 
    • Other opportunities as appropriate/assigned


  • Beckley Retreats Practicum Participants do not formally serve as retreat facilitators.
  • Participants must adhere to Beckley Retreats Code of Ethics.
  • Participants will not consume psychedelic/psychoactive substances during the retreat.
  • Speciality programs available (Veterans, BIPOC, Women’s, Christian) ~ Please inquire for dates/locations.


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The Buena Vida Mexico Psilocybin
More Details +

The Buena Vida provides safe access to healing plant medicines within the context of ritual and ceremony. They believe these plants are tools that can help humanity awaken to their creativity, joy and inherent ability to heal themselves. The Buena Vida retreats aim to give a holistic container to healing; one that uses sound, movement, and most importantly, a sense of community. Since 2018, they have assisted over 600 guests in overcoming trauma and embracing a heart-centered lifestyle.
Many guests arrive struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other wellness challenges. The retreat offers a safe, sacred space for mushroom medicine, served ceremonially to honor humanity's affinity for ritual. Throughout the journey, guests are supported with kindness and protection, enabling them to rediscover their true power and start living a life of 'Buena Vida.'

The retreat utilizes sacred psilocybin mushrooms to address past traumas, spark creativity, and foster gratitude. The experience is enriched with live medicine music, sound bowl vibrations, calming meditations, and a judgment-free community. Guests embark on a secure journey to explore the most mystical area: their inner self.

Location: Sayuilta, Mexico


Legality: The listed substance can be legally used in Mexico (with restrictions).

Retreat Dates: See retreat schedule here

Prerequisites: None

Hours Offered50+

Additional Costs: $50/day



Earth Temple Retreats Mexico & North America Ayahuasca
More Details +

Earth Temple Retreats works with ayahuasca in accordance to the Shipibo Mahua lineage from the Amazon jungle of Peru. They focus on the practice of dieta working with Master plants such as Noya Rao, Bobinsana, Mapacho, Rose and more. At Earth Temple Retreats they do not hold onto the idea that one comes to be healed, but that it is a collective and interactive process of sharing. 

Students will learn from the ayahuasca journey itself by participating in ceremony. They can learn to sing icaros and songs to learn how to guide the energies and experience. Through debrief, they will learn to how to manage different energies in the ceremonial space that may arise and how to work in a trauma informed manner. They will also learn the practice of dieta by sitting with a suitable master plant and hone in on their own gifts and skills. Students will learn shamanic practices, earth honouring practices, rituals and the power of prayer.

Location: Site locations in Mexico, USA, and Canada. Varies by retreat.

Medicine: Ayahuasca

Legality: Legality and decriminalization status vary by location.

Retreat Dates: See upcoming retreat schedule here.

Prerequisites: Earth Temple Retreats accepts everyone and all their beliefs, however their preference would be to work with someone who believes in a higher power, as it would be of greater coherence with the way in which we work and perceive life and ceremony.

Hours Offered: 25+

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 2.52.59 PM

Additional Costs: Varies per retreat. 

Practicum at this site will include: 

  • Helping to facilitate group integration circles
  • One on one integration during ceremony
  • Post ceremony integration and calls
  • Practical help with setting up sacred space and clean up post ceremony.

The site manager will work with the skills that the student has to offer and support them in offering it to the retreat center. If the students want to facilitate any workshops or offerings in support to the group, they welcome you to do so!

"We hold everyone who comes with loving compassion and care. We empower everyone to trust the intelligence within them and we work to orient people to their own inner healer. We work in counsel where everyone's voice is welcomed to share ideas and we hold space for people to check-in emotionally, spiritually, physically. If something is outside of our scope, we will recommend other practitioners as needed." - Athena, Earth Temple Founder





Floresta Various locations in USA Ketamine, Rapèh
More Details +

Floresta is a retreat site that allows our clients to be immersed in nature, community and held by an expert clinical and integration team to support a sense of nurturing and wellbeing as we explore non-ordinary states of consciousness. We have a variety of practices throughout the weekend that support integration of the ketamine experience to have exceptional outcomes.

Floresta is hiring guides for different retreat locations as we expand so this could also be your next employer!

Location: New York, Florida, Virginia, and Colorado 

Medicine: Ketamine, rapèh and Sananga

Legality: Listed substances are legal in the US.

Dates: See upcoming retreat schedule here.


  • Length-of-stay requirements: student to be available for the full retreat experience.
  • Previous Experience: Student must have some training in supporting clients through non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Hours Offered: 30-50 hours

Additional Costs: Room and Board is $300-$400 depending on location.

Practicum at this site will include:

  • Students will assist throughout the prep, support the medicine journey as a guide and support with integration.

  • Depending on level of competence students may also facilitate integration circles and 1-1 integration check-ins throughout the retreat.

  • Most retreats include: 3 Ketamine Sessions, 3 Group Integration Circles, 1 Indigenous Medicine Ceremony, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Dance and Movement. Guided Nature walk, Conscious Food, Music Circle


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Healing Escapes Jamaica Psilocybin
More Details +

Healing Escapes are holistic retreats set in private villas in Jamaica. The retreats offer 1:1 journeys and collective integration exercises. The retreat sizes are intentionally small so as to offer personalized and meaningful experiences for clients.

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Location: Tower Isle, St. Mary, Jamaica.

Medicine: Psilocybin

Legality: Listed substances are legal in Jamaica

Retreat Dates: See upcoming retreat schedule here

What Healing Escapes is looking for: "We welcome students who have an open mind, are flexible, team oriented and have a natural attunement to the energies they expend as well as the energies of those around them."

Hours Offered: 50

Additional Costs: Lodging fee of $999 per student (double occupancy), or $1500 per student (single occupancy) to cover all meals, lodging, massages, art, yoga and excursions. $50 cash payment required of each student while onsite.

Practicum at this site will include:

  • 2 prep Zoom sessions with training group
  • Co-facilitate prep session/s with clients
  • Witness retreat events: ceremony, microdosing and journeys
  • Witness and co-facilitate (as needed) topic specific group participant discussions
  • Shadow floater during journey session and assist where needed
  • Witness post journey integration session/s during retreat
  • Transcribe recorded narrative of the journeyer's experience
  • Attend nature based excursions to continue to witness and co-facilitate integration with participants (as needed)
  • Witness Somatic integration exercises - yoga and art
  • 2 post training zoom sessionsIMG-4368



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Intuitive Kasham Faro, Portugal Psilocybin, marijuana, and others
More Details +

Intuitive Kasham works with the sacred psychedelic and non-psychedelic medicines in a blend between psychotherapy/life coaching and shamanic practices. They honor many traditions and work from Earth-centered practices, with teachings from Mexico, Peru and Portugal. They primarily work from a luxury villa in the Algarve, Portugal, where world famous beaches are a short drive from the site. The site itself offers an infinity pool and serene views of nature. It's accessible by taxi from Faro Airport.

Location: São Bartolomeu de Messines, Faro, Portugal

Medicine: Psilocybin, marijuana, mapacho, hapé, sananga and other traditional plants and herbs for healing purposes.

Legality: These substances are decriminalized in Portugal. 

Retreat Dates: See upcoming retreat schedule here

*Practicum students will be asked to join for a day before and after each retreat date. More dates may be added soon. Priavte retreats also offered, which are scheduled typically 4-8 weeks in advance.


Prerequisites: They require that all students have experienced at least 2 journeys (in a non recreational setting) with Psilocybin, preferably at least 2g dosage+. English is required of all facilitators, additional languages are helpful but not required.

Hours Offered:

  • 65 hours for a 4 day retreat (with prep/integration and set up and break down)
  • 90 hours for a 7 day retreat (with prep/integration, set up and break down)

Additional Costs: Room and board is 20€/ night.

Practicum at this site will include:

  • With the support and guidance of staff:
    • Prescreening
    • Pre- and post-session facilitation
  • Assisting facilitator(s) in session and ceremonies
  • Set up/clean up
  • Group integration
  • Creation, execution and debriefing of workshops and activities
  • Retreats, private sessions
  • Other duties as applicable to the interest and skills of student

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IXCA Life Sanctuary Mexico, Peru, USA Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and others
More Details +

IXCA Life Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization which registered over fifteen plant, psychedelic and animal medicines in Utah. The locations include Utah, Cancun, Mexico and their self contained eco-center in the jungle of Tarapoto, Peru. They work directly with the Seri Tribe in Punta Chueca, Mexico and with Maestro Qinty, a dedicated Peruvian Xaman with over 20 years of brewing and serving internationally. Their medicines our sourced directly from the most virgin indigenous areas with our their hands. They have upcoming projects include working with the American Psychological Association filming in Punta Chueca, Mexico and Conflict Resolution within the Seri Tribe through George Mason University.

At this site, your guide would be Bernice “IXCA” Andersen, who has a background in curanderismo, traditional Peruvian and Seri Tribal shamanism, and psychic health coaching. Read more about her here, and reviews of IXCA here.

Locations: Utah, USA; Cancun, Mexico; Tarapoto, Peru

Medicine: Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, 5-MeO-DMT or Bufo alvarius, LDA or LSA, San Pedro

Legality: The center uses medicines following the legality of the specific country. In the US, they are operating under a religious non-profit. 

Retreat Dates: Six times a year we provide retreats in Cancun and Punta Chueca, Mexico and Tarapoto, Peru. Monthly private and small group events are held in Utah approximately 3-4 days in duration. Some dates are publicly listed on Retreat Guru.  

Prerequisites: Students should be able to have the ability to fast for short periods of time and be physically capable of walking or hiking terrains in jungles or desert areas.

Hours Offered72-100 hours

Additional Costs: Students would be responsible for airfares. We provide adequate nutritional meals. However, students will be responsible for their own special dietary needs should they be different than what we offer our participants.

Practicum at this site includes: A practicum student would get into the trenches of true samanic practices. Our organization was organically created and we provide the full breath of retreat work. From marketing, creating retreats 101, brewing medicine, video and media, creating alters, plant bathes, contemplative talk therapy, Breathwork and much more.

Additional learnings may include:

  • Mayan Medicine Curanderismo
  • Creating Ayahuasca brews
  • Botany
  • Creating professional video content
  • The Magic of Magnetism for bringing participants
  • Serving Ethically
  • Pre- and post- integrative work
  • Dosing Pairing medicines


Kiyumi Retreats Netherlands Psilocybin
More Details +

Kiyumi Retreats offers legal, psychedelic-assisted retreats, supported by a comprehensive integration program for a safer and deeper connective experience of non-ordinary states of consciousness. The team consists of multidisciplinary, experienced facilitators from many different backgrounds, all sharing a vision of creating an accessible and inclusive space.

Their retreats offer psilocybin journeys that are infused with somatic and contemplative practices, with an emphasis on authentic expression (artistic or otherwise), as well as connection to nature. The Practicum student will learn how Kiyumi holds space, focusing on safety, inclusivity, and connection. And how above named practices not only compliment psilocybin journeys, but are an essential aspect in self-inquiry and exploration for the individual and within community.

Location: Netherlands1011-2

Medicine: Psilocybin

Legality: The substances we work with are fully legal in the country in which they operate.

Retreat Dates: 

  • June 11-16
  • July 13 - 18
  • July 28 - August 2
  • August 5 - 10
  • August 13 - 18
  • August 22 - 27
  • September 7 - 12
  • October 19-24

Prerequisites: The student be empathetic, inclusive and trauma-informed.

Hours Offered: 50+ hours

Additional Costs: The price for food and accommodation is $450 USD for the week. Student will be in a shared bedroom with other facilitators. Our food is plant-based, organic, and considers any dietary requirements and allergies. Additionally, there are transport costs for getting to the venue, which change depending from where one is arriving. Costs for a taxi shuttle from the nearest train station will be $20 USD.

Practicum at this site includes:

  • Participating in facilitator meetings (preparation, onsite, debrief)
  • Observing workshops, morning practice, sharing circles, psilocybin journey
  • Setting up of journey room
  • Simple tasks during ceremony guided by lead facilitator



Lucid Therapeutics Santa Barbara, CA Ketamine
More Details +

Lucid Therapeutics offers intentional psychedelic psychotherapy and integration. They provide a high-touch, holistic approach to ketamine-assisted therapy, through their team of well-trained and experienced therapists. Their team of integration coaches, specifically trained in non-ordinary consciousness, help shepherd clients through their tremendous psychedelic experiences.

Location: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Medicine: Ketamine

Legality: The listed substance is legal in California. 

PrerequisitesMust be a licensed psychotherapist.

Hours OfferedApproximately 10 hours per week

Additional Costs: There is no on-site lodging, so students are responsible for their own accommodations.

Practicum at this site will include: 

  • Shadowing of therapists
  • Preparation & integration work
  • Observation of clients


Lucid Therapeutics - Clinic in Santa Barbara, CA · Psychedelic Support

MPB Group Inc. Jamaica Psilocybin
More Details +

MPB Group offers in-depth learning and experiential exposure (through journeying and guiding) and insight into cultivating processes (different modes of ingestion, visiting farms/labs) as well as nature based integration in a peaceful serene environment of Jamaica where psilocybin is legal. Trainees will also engage in somatic integration (yoga, massage) as well as art integration as part of the experience. There will be pre and post Zoom sessions aimed at discussions around actual experiences and ethical and theoretical understandings.

Location: Tower Isle, St. Mary, Jamaica.

Medicine: Psilocybin

Legality: Listed substances are legal in Jamaica.

Retreat Dates:

  • February 2024
  • April 2024
  • June 2024

Prerequisites: Length-of-stay requirements, students need to stay for the duration of the 4 night/5 day training.

Hours Offered: 50

Additional Costs: Lodging fee of $999 per student (double occupancy), or $1500 per student (single occupancy) to cover all meals, lodging, massages, art, yoga and excursions. $50 cash payment required of each student while onsite.

Practicum at this site will include:

  • 3 online prep sessions with training group
  • 15 Didactic learning sessions covering topics such as:
    • Ancestral Wisdom
    • Mental Health & Psychedelics,
    • Effects and Modes of Ingestion
    • Neurobiology
    • Transference/Countertransference,
    • Harm Reduction
  • A microdosing and full journey session, if deemed an appropriate candidate.
  • A co-guide session Integration sessions
  • Nature based excursions as part of integration
  • Somatic (yoga and massage) integration
  • Art integration session
  • Transcribing a narrative of the journeyer's experience
  • 2 post training zoom sessions


















ONE Retreats Jamaica Jamaica Psilocybin
More Details +

ONE Retreats Jamaica offers 2 deep-dive psilocybin journeys hosted by certified facilitators. The opening ceremony of every retreat is hosted by Chief of Tainos Indigenous tribe.

Their facilitators are well trained and experienced, having amassed hundreds of collective hours guiding guests safely through their psilocybin journeys. The retreats are overseen by licensed psychiatrists and medical professionals who ensure that each guest can journey confidently and without worry, towards their higher selves.

ONE Retreats Jamaica has been growing psychedelic mushrooms for over 10 years and supplying various retreats across Jamaica since 2018, and is therefore held to the highest quality standards in Jamaica.

Location: Hanover Parish, Jamaica

Medicine: Psilocybin

Legality: The substances they work with are fully legal in the country in which they operate.

Retreat Dates: To see upcoming retreat dates, please review their offerings here.

Prerequisites: The student must stay for the entirety of the retreat. Some previous psychedelic experience required.

Hours Offered: 25 hours

Additional Costs: Students will need to cover accommodations & meals, which is roughly $1000.

Practicum at this site includes:

  • Assisting in all facilitation activities including pre & post integration calls
  • Group preparation
  • Share-amony circles
  • 2 days of journey with psilocybin

Paititi Institute Sacred Valley, Peru Ayahuasca, San Pedro
More Details +

The Paititi Institute for the Preservation of Ecology and Indigenous Culture is a nonprofit organization devoted to the integration of indigenous wisdom into every day life. They serve as an intercultural bridge supporting individuals and communities to live as activated, responsible and joyful human beings in harmony with both inner and outer landscapes.

They offer healing retreats based in Amazonian lineages supported by Buddhist and Jungian psychologies: Huitoto, Ashuar, Yahua tribes, Andean Q'ero Nation, Tibetan Karma Kagyu lineage.


Location: Sacred Valley, Lamay, Peru

Medicine: Ayahuasca, San Pedro

Legality: The listed substances are legal in Peru. 

Retreat Dates: Various dates, including:

  • March 23 - April 2, 2024
  • September 1 - 30, 2024

Prerequisites: Length of stay requirements, criminal background check required before visiting this site.

Hours Offered: 60-100 hours

Additional Costs: $30-40/per night 

Practicum at this site will include:

  • Engaging in the talks, practices, ceremonies while helping with supporting the cleaning, kitchen tasks and organizing the physical space.
  • Buddhist and Jungian psychology, Amazonian and Tibetan based breathwork practices
  • Post-ceremony non-dual integration
  • Amazonian and Andean context for ceremonies and pre and post Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremony support



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Protocol Quetzalcoatl Mexico City Psilocybin, Peyote, and others
More Details +

Ecosystem for Human Development and Consciousness Studies - Protocol Quetzalcoatl

Protocol Q (Quetzalcóatl) is a community of indigenous, mestizo, and non-indigenous Mexican and international people who work together in ceremony for the purpose of teaching, learning, being in gratitude, working through conflict, and healing ourselves, each other, and the planet. They work with Medicine Men and Women from many traditions, including Mazatec, Wirrarika, Nahuatl, Mexicas, Otomies, Seris and many more. They share their traditional medicine through ancestral ceremonies of Teonanacatl (Mushroom), Hikuri (Peyote) , Bufo Albarius, Tepezcohuite, Rapé, Temazcal (sweat lodge), Ayahuasca, and others.

Oscar O’farfill, director of Protocol Q, serves as a bridge between ancestral medicine work, academia, and political advocacy. As an important complement to integrate the ceremonial experience, they work on producing academic research in several areas with a team of specialists in mental and public health and government.

When a practicum student applies to Protocol Q and gets accepted, the first step will be a zoom interview. At that time the student will be asked what kinds of learning, medicines, and ceremonies they are interested in pursuing. Together we will come up with an individualized schedule that will include working with various Medicine people at different ceremonial sites in, near, or further away from their home base of Mexico City. The schedule, depending on the student’s interests, may also include workshops on Energy and Spiritual Entity Protection, Urban Herbal Witch, Ways of Facilitating Ceremony, Energetic Cleansings, Ceremonial Drumming, Aztec Calendar Stone, and many more. A tour of a shamanic market is also offered. Depending on the dates, we will be going to the medicine sacred sites such as Huautla de Jiménez, Oaxáca, Real de Catorce, San Luís Potosí, Teotihuacan, Estado de México, Ocuilan, Estado de México, Tulum y Zona Maya, Chiapas, Chiapas, and many other sacred sites with the traditional people.

While food and accommodation costs are fixed, the total cost to the student will depend on how long they stay and what they choose to do among all the options offered. This may include the cost of transportation, tolls, fuel, drivers, entrance fees to ceremonial sites, site guides, honorariums to the Medicine people guiding the ceremonies, and payments to workshop teachers. The team and each student will beforehand create a schedule that works for them according to their learning interests and their financial limitations.

Students will have the option to stay in Oscar and Masha’s home (no more than two at a time) in the mountains of Mexico City, the main Retreat Center of Protocol Q. You will have your own bedroom and you will be welcomed as part of their family for the time you are there, providing you with vegan/vegetarian functional nutrition (optional), and a ton of experiences to learn together. Also, with our different collaborations nationwide, we will be able to guide you to the best experiences, ceremonial centers, elders, and sites you will ever see.

Please note, their website is mostly written in Spanish, and there is little published information about Protocol Quetzalcoatl in English. For that reason, we are sharing more here about why this site has been selected as a Practicum partner.

About the lead facilitator, Oscar O'farrill:

Oscar graduated in Psychology from the Ibero-American University in México and carried out Master's studies in Cognitive and Learning Psychology in Argentina and Madrid. He is founder of EDHEC Ecosystem for Human Development and Consciousness Studies: multidimensional ecosystem for integrative healing, and Protocol Q, Masters and PhD in Therapeutic Guidance with Ancestral Medicines and Enteogens. His latest research, as part of his clinical practice, is focused on the neuro-psycho-socio-emotional repercussions of the traditional ancestral ceremonial intake of different medicines, but with emphasis in mushrooms containing psilocybin for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addictions, and for emotional wellbeing. Besides the research, he´s a sun dancer, and an entrepreneur in Innovation in education, Human Resources and Space Industry.



Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 4.33.55 PM

Medicine: Teonanacatl (Mushroom), Hikuri (Peyote), Bufo Albarius, Tepezcohuite, Iboga, Ayahuasca

Legality: Not all listed substances are legal in Mexico. Use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms is permitted when used in traditional spiritual practices.

Retreat Dates: Various

Prerequisites: Must complete psychometric testing and clear criminal record. Previous experience with psychedelics is preferred.

Hours Offered: 40-100

The synthesis practicum per 25 hours covers 1 ceremonial process which includes: 4 to 5 hours of Protocol for preparation of patients and participants, psychometric testing of each participant, 1 ceremony of 12-20 hours, and 5 hours of integration protocol.

Additional Costs: $1,000 MXN per night (personal laundry not included and extra if needed)

Meals options: 

  1. You may purchase your own food in town, fridge will break provided for all the plant-based groceries, the house is meat free, but eggs and dairy are welcomed.
  2. American or continental Breakfast: $300 MXN
  3. 3 Vegetarian/Vegan Homemade Meals Daily: $1,200 mx + $400 MXN drinks.
  4. All inclusive private 3 Vegetarian/Vegan Meals a day Private Chef Experience (best ingredients, fruits, healthy snacks/ desserts, smoothies, golden milk/cacao drinks) $3,000 MXN.

Practicum at this site will include:

  • Screening, interviewing, organizing and observing the process of expert traditional medicine people.
  • Learn directly from ancestral traditional medicine elders with a team of multidisciplinary practitioners from around the world.
  • The site will create the learning experience within the needs of each student and practitioner.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 4.36.20 PM


Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 4.36.01 PM


Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 4.35.42 PM


Sapience Therapy Massachusetts Ketamine
More Details +

Sapience Therapy offers Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy to provide a unique and innovative approach to mental health treatment. Through the combined use of ketamine and therapeutic support, they aim to help individuals find relief from various mental health conditions, fostering healing and personal growth in a supportive and professional environment.

Location: Greenfield, Massachusetts 

Medicine: Ketamine

Legality: Listed substances are legal in the US.

Dates: Flexible

Prerequisites: This site requires licensed clinicians (MD, Psy D, LMFT, IFS, Somatic therapy, EMDR, etc). They also prefer students with background in somatic therapy, breathwork and IFS, but these are not a requirement.

Hours Offered: Flexible

Additional Costs: Student must cover their own lodging. 

Practicum at this site will include:

  • Students will get an opportunity to observe and assist in medical and psychological intake, preparation and integration session.

  • They will be able to observe ketamine medicine sessions with our MD/therapist, and learn how to hold space and facilitate these medicine sessions.

  • Working with one client at a time from intake through medicine sessions and integration, offering continuity of care and helping build strong therapeutic alliance with clients.

What previous students say:

"I loved watching Dr. Scott work one on one. She brings a unique groundedness, passion, and depth of experience and perception. Her ethics were in evidence at every turn."

"The training was exceptional! A solid week of learning from not only the staff but other participants. Very thorough manual- done with care and accuracy. Highly recommend this training/site to others."

Transcendelic Southern California Ketamine
More Details +

Transcendelic orchestrates a spectrum of holistic wellness retreats, creating a nurturing and empathetic environment for the healing of mental and physical ailments. These retreats utilize legal psychedelic medicines alongside a range of therapeutic modalities, such as therapy integration circles, yoga, nature activities, massage, bodywork, and meditation sessions guided by a Zen Buddhist monk. Additionally, participants engage in breathwork, enjoy nutritious meals, learn about healthy living, and partake in fun, light-hearted activities.

The retreats are a fusion of Western healthcare and a variety of global healing, spiritual, and transpersonal practices, always acknowledging their origins. A trauma-informed approach is a cornerstone of their methodology. The team comprises licensed healthcare professionals trained in psychedelic-assisted and ketamine-assisted therapy, and other devoted experts focused on the wellbeing of participants and the broader community.

Transcendelic Retreats are designed to cultivate unique experiences, empowering participants to tap into their innate healing intelligence. This holistic and inclusive approach, coupled with the serene Southern California backdrop, offers a comprehensive and transformative healing experience for all attendees.

Location: Southern California, USA

Medicine: Ketamine

Legality: The listed substance is legal in California. 

Retreat Dates: See retreat schedule here

Prerequisites: Licensed healthcare professionals preferred (psychotherapists, nurses, physicians, etc.). Open to unlicensed professionals, but would limit the scope of involvement onsite.

Hours Offered25+ (The retreats are 4+ days long, student can be involved in the team preparation call prior to the retreat, and online integration circles after the retreat.)

Additional Costs: Depending on the retreat, there may be space to stay on-site, in this case the charge is $50 per day. If there is no room to stay on-site, the student will be responsible for their own accommodations nearby.

Practicum at this site will include:* 

  • Preparation and integration sessions
  • Medicine sessions
  • Hold individual and/or group therapy sessions
  • Attend therapy sessions, yoga, meditation sessions, nature walks, etc.
  • Consult on medicine dosing sessions where they will be discussing dosages
  • Provide therapeutic touch during medicine sessions (if qualified to do so)
  • Support general logistics

*Participation depends on whatever is within the legal scope of practice and expertise for the student


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True-Journey Peru Ayahuasca
More Details +

True-Journey offers Masterplant Dietas and Ayahuasca Retreats in the Peruvian amazon in the Shipibo tradition, which are 14, 28, or 42 days in length. Participants have the option to join online preparation, integration sessions, online sharing circles, and one-on-one discussions. For a Practicum experience, True-Journey is flexible in tailoring a schedule based on an individual's situation and interests. 

It is recommended for those interested in training with True-Journey to first immerse themselves in at least a 14-day Masterplant Retreat withtheir Shipibo Maestros, the plants, and the team. This provides an in-depth introduction to the processes and energetic work that transpires during the Masterplant Retreats. Most participants engage in the traditional training called "Sama" in Shipibo, which focuses on building a relationship with the world of the plants. Training durations can span 25 hours and potentially more. To determine the most suitable program, a personal conversation is necessary.

True-Journey offers their retreats at various venues in Peru, including Jungle, Mountain, and Ocean/Beach locations. Further details can be found on their website.

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Location: Pucallpa, Peru


Legality: The listed substance is legal in Peru.

Retreat Dates: See retreat schedule here. Note there also might be some private retreats that are not listed, which can be shared if you decide to apply to this site. 

Prerequisites: To join the Masterplant Retreat as a trainee, you are required to have experienced the Shipibo Medicine previously. The site suggest joining (at least) a 14-day Masterplant Retreat with True-Journey to experience the work of the Shipibo Maestra and the plants. The site is eager to work with each student to find a path that is right for you and find alignment between previous experience and what is needed to join this site as a trainee.

Hours Offered25+

Additional Costs: Location dependent, between $35-130/day.

Practicum at this site will include: 

  • Students will start with observation of the process
  • The lead facilitator will share her deep learnings and knowledge
  • Some will be invited to help with facilitation

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Wellness and Wisdom Journeys (Women Only) Colorado Psilocybin
More Details +

Wisdom and Wellness Journeys is a boutique women’s psilocybin retreat company led by two of the United States first Certified Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapists. Heather Lee and Monica Ramunda are both licensed clinical therapists each with over thirty years experience in women’s mental health and mind/body medicine. 

Their work with midlife women and plant medicine has been featured by Lisa Ling and CBS in their feature on the Psychedelic Renaissance. Wellness and Wisdom Journeys are designed exclusively by women and for women.

Location: Various locations, Colorado, USA

Medicine: Psilocybin

Legality: This organization operates under a 'medicine not included' model. It is now legal in Colorado for people 21 and older to possess, share and use magic mushrooms, including psilocybin, psilocin, DMT, ibogaine and mescaline not extracted from peyote. 

Retreat Dates: For a list of upcoming retreat dates, please read here. Practicum placements will also be offered at the Medicine Women Retreats.

Prerequisites: Training in trip sitting and psychedelic facilitation concepts, IFS and trauma knowledge

Hours Offered40+

Additional Costs: $150/day for meals and accommodations

Practicum at this site includes:

  • Develop trust and rapport with guests.
  • Participate in welcome circle and sharing.
  • Hold space and support facilitators as they support guests on medicine.
  • Provide presence and support to guests on medicine as needed.
  • Help set up and take down activities.
  • Observe and learn from listening to integration session

The experience for me really anchored the principle of sitting, not guiding, and simply holding space for someone coming in, without trying to fix or change their experience, or even pretending that we as a guide know what is needed. It showed me that with genuine respect, curiosity, and care for the person in front of me, they will know what they need and their inner experience unfolds exactly as it needs to.
Previous Practicum Participant
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A note on psychedelic legal status and making informed decisions:

The Synthesis Practicum team has carefully discerned and decided to partner with some practicum sites that are currently operating outside of the current legal landscape. We encourage all students and practitioners to educate themselves and make informed decisions about the legal status of their practicum site. Before selecting a practicum site, please research the center and practitioners, as well as use the below resources to educate yourself on the legal landscape.



ICEERS - Ayahuasca Legal Status by Country

Psychedelic Alpha - Psychedelic Legalization & Decriminalization Tracker

Psychedelic Alpha - Worldwide Psychedelic Laws Tracker

Psychedelic Invest - The Complete Guide to Psychedelic Legalization

Ketamine Laws by State