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What If You Could Facilitate More Meaningful and Impactful Breakthroughs for Yourself and Your Clients?

If you’re someone who is committed to alleviating the suffering of others and facilitating important breakthroughs to live more fully and freely, you may be deeply frustrated by this reality.

A staggering 50 percent of people in the United States alone will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives, according to a study led by Harvard Medical School and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

More than 8.3 million American adults suffer from depression and anxiety, according to a 2017 study published in the journal Psychiatric Services. Plus, the 2016 U.S. Surgeon General’s report on addiction notes that more than 93 million people were suffering from substance use disorder (drugs or alcohol) in 2015.

Given the enormity of mental and behavioral health issues that remain inadequately treated worldwide and the modest effectiveness of conventional treatments such as antidepressants and traditional psychotherapy, there remains an urgent need for therapies that address the root causes of these conditions.

* Dr. Ronald C. Kessler, Harvard Medical School, and the National Institute of Mental Health (2005)
* Dr. Judith Weissman, New York University Langone Medical Center (Published April 17, 2017 in the journal Psychiatric Services)

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The psychedelic experience when paired with psychological support can offer this opening.

When safely practiced and guided by evidence-based, time-tested practices, they provide a window of opportunity for life-changing insight into the psychological or emotional issues underlying these conditions — often resulting in rapid, profound and sustained changes in mood, behavior, cognition and consciousness.

A person’s sense of self expands. Their awareness changes. They experience enhanced cognitive flexibility and openness. Their sense of connection deepens. They recognize life’s inherent unboundedness.

Indeed, early studies of psychedelic-assisted therapies for conditions like depression, anxiety disorder, PTSD, alcoholism, smoking cessation and end of life suffering have demonstrated much larger and durable effects compared to conventional therapies, suggesting that there is enormous potential for psychedelic-assisted treatments to advance well-being and revolutionize the treatment of behavioral, mental health and substance use disorders.

But journeying into the depths of the unbound, unconscious mind requires courage and guidance. Discover more

And because of decades of stigma and limited legal access, many therapists and practitioners are underprepared to guide clients—not only during, but also before and after a psychedelic experience.

That’s why The Synthesis Institute is hosting Guiding the Unbound Mind: What Every Practitioner Must Know About Working with Psychedelics, an online psychedelic expert forum featuring former Imperial College London Lead Psychedelic Researcher and Clinical Director of The Synthesis Institute, Dr. Rosalind Watts, co-founder of Guild of Guides Netherlands and Lead Facilitator at The Synthesis Institute, Daan Keiman, and moderator, Angela Ruiz, Executive Operations Administrator at The Synthesis Institute

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Angela Ruiz

From the unique vantage point of professionals who have legally done this work in volume, they’ll share best practices for guiding others through the optimal client path – from education to application to screening to preparation to container to ceremony to integration.

They’ll also debunk common myths, reveal little-known truths and unpack often-overlooked fundamentals about working with psychedelics.

If you’re curious about a professional path that includes facilitating psychedelic experiences inside a therapeutic model or supporting the preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences for patients, you’re invited to join this important conversation. 

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During this no-charge event, you’ll also discover:

  • The not-to-be-skipped educational and self-care practices that are foundational to a successful psychedelic healing journey.
  • The critical importance of a comprehensive screening process to discern the best treatment path for each patient.
  • How to prepare the mindset and promote safety for clients by effectively setting expectations for a new relationship with a co-created consciousness.
  • Ways to effectively work with both challenging psychedelic states and transpersonal experience to optimally support clients on their psychedelic journey.
  • How to use post-session integration to ground the benefits of a psychedelic ceremony into real and lasting change for your clients.
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Join Us on Wednesday, October 14th at
9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET / 6:00PM CEST
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The Synthesis Institute

The Synthesis Institute is a global leader of the modern psychedelic movement, advancing widespread access to safe, legal psychedelic experiences for integrative healing and expansion.

Standing on its years of experience and reputation for offering world-class psychedelic experiences, Synthesis is uniquely qualified to set the standard for practitioners to safely, ethically, and effectively support people on a journey for healing using truffles containing psilocybin.

With a proven track record for leading safe, legal, medically supervised psychedelic retreats for more than 750 individuals, Synthesis has collected years of data, experience and anecdotal success stories shared with Imperial College London to supplement its research.

Synthesis staff members are trauma-informed, clinically trained psychedelic psychotherapists and practitioners. Our advisory board is comprised of highly respected leaders in the psychedelic space, and CIIS partners with us to offer their students the hands-on experience they need to become certified.


Dr. Rosalind Watts

Former Imperial College London Lead Psychedelic Researcher and Clinical Director at The Synthesis Institute

Dr. Rosalind Watts was the clinical lead of the Imperial College London Psilocybin for Depression studies. She trained as a clinical psychologist and practiced psychotherapy for six years before joining the Imperial Psychedelic Research Centre (run by Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris and Professor David Nutt) as a therapist ‘trip sitter.’ She has developed a psychedelic therapy model ‘Accept, Connect, Embody’ and a psychometric measure of ‘connectedness’ - which her qualitative research identified as a potential mechanism of therapeutic change in psychedelic approaches. Dr. Watts co-facilitates a monthly integration group for people who are attending psychedelic ceremonies for therapeutic purposes. She recently became the Clinical Director at The Synthesis Institute to continue building innovative group treatment models.


Daan Keiman

Co-founder of Guild of Guides Netherlands and Lead Facilitator at The Synthesis Institute

Daan holds a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Care and has years of professional experience working in mental health and addiction care. He is the co-founder of Guild of Guides Netherlands: an organization that seeks to professionalize psychedelic sitting services. His experience with guiding and caring for people in altered states of consciousness spans over a decade; ranging from psychedelic harm reduction work on festivals to his private practice as a Psychedelic Chaplain.

Daan draws from his personal Buddhist practices, psychedelic research and his professional experiences to create compassionate and powerful containers for personal and relational transformation. As an avid explorer of consciousness, he is highly capable of supporting others who are traversing the landscapes of the mind.